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"Remembering First Love"

Awarded "Best Romance of 2019" by Indies Today




"With Unbreakable Love" The 3rd book in the Rivera Sisters Series - Available Now (November 2019)

I'm so happy to have had three books published this year!

The first TRILOGY of The Rivera Sisters Series is entitled: 


Carina's story begins in Book One,  "Remembering First Love" with a heartbreaking account (no details) of her molestation by a neighbor man at the tender age of seven.  In the next two books- "What About Love?" and "With Unbreakable Love",  Carina's story progresses, allowing the reader to see the Hand of Providence guiding her through difficult and challenging circumstances, leading her away from people and situations that would keep her from becoming the woman she has been created to be.  









CARINA RIVERA: From VICTIM to VICTORY—The First Trilogy in The Rivera Sisters Series

 In this riveting trilogy, Jeanine Lunsford takes the reader on a pulse-inducing, impactful ride alongside Carina Rivera, revealing the inner-struggles of a troubled woman finding her way out of darkness into Light.

Carina Rivera has been through a lot in her 25 years of life. Abandoned by her father as a baby and molested as a child for three years by a neighbor man, she has suffered with feelings of shame and low self-worth her whole life.

And even though Carina has been called the bad Rivera sister by the people within the tight-knit community where she and her sister, Amelia (the good Rivera sister) were raised, there’s always been a small glint of hope shimmering inside Carina, telling her God’s not finished making her the person she’s meant to be.

Go with Carina as God uses her challenging circumstances to mold and make her into the woman of faith, He’s created her to be.





" What About Love?" the 2nd Book in the Rivera


Sisters Series-Available now (June 2019)

(Warning--if you haven't read Book 1- there are SPOILERS in this article)

I'm so happy to let you know about my new release! "What About Love?"

The Second Book in the Rivera Sisters Series is scheduled to be released on June 2, 2019.

It was because of precious readers (like you) that took the time to write me to tell me of their interest in Mark that I decided to make the handsome young man Carina met at the Miami Airport the hero in "What About Love?".  

I hope Carina’s story will (or already has) encouraged and inspired you in some special way. I hope it makes you laugh and cry. I hope you fall in love with Mark (I did). But most of all, I hope Carina’s story will bless you in some personal way—that it will help confirm what you already know in your heart—that God wants His absolute best for His children—He never gives up on us (no matter what), and that even when it seems like things are out of control … He’s still in control.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, “Remembering First Love”, I hope you will— Carina’s story is an amazing example of how God’s power can transform even the most shattered lives. Carina’s journey is heartbreaking but reading her full story will give you deeper insight into her miraculous transformation and help give you hope for people you may know who seem to be beyond hope.  

If either of these books inspire you or touch your heart in some way, please tell others about them. Let me know too! I’d love to hear from you!)

Drop me a line at  to say hello, or to tell me how the book has blessed you or how you can relate to Carina (or any of the other characters).

One more thing (but very important to me) if you can take a few minutes to leave a review on the site where you purchased my book (digital or paperback) it would mean the world to me. Word of mouth and reviews are the best way for new authors like me to become established.

Thank you again for buying, “What About Love?” and for your prayerful support.

Grace and Peace,

Jeanine Lunsford





Grace and Peace to all of you. 

I hope this finds you in good health.  

If you'd like to get snippets and juicy tidbits from the 2nd in the Rivera Sister's Series  (my current work in progress) And, if you'd like to be  among the first to hear the title reveal of the 2nd in the Rivera Sister Series, as well as be a part of the cover reveal, Click here to subscribe to my Newsletter. My subscribers are the first to know anything and everything about what's coming next in Carina and Amelia's lives. 

Grace and Peace, 










December 19, 2018

Hello dear friends,

As we draw closer to Christmas day, I want to stop and let you know that I thank God for each and every one of you. Some of you I've known for years, and some of you I've only recently been introduced to through the release of my book (What a wonderful Christmas gift your friendship is!).

I want to thank every one of you for letting others know about me and my first novel, "Remembering First Love".

God willing, 2019 is going to be a busy writing year for me. I am looking forward to connecting with some of you as beta-readers and pre-release reviewers of "No Greater Love" the companion novel to "Remembering First Love". (Please message me if you think you might be interested in receiving an advanced reader copy of my second novel in exchange for your review on Amazon.)

Merry Christmas! God bless all of you and your families as well.🎁

Much love,

Grace & Peace,

Jeanine Lunsford



December 16, 2018


So excited about my blog interview with Jason E. Foss featured on Empowered Individuals Blogspot. Click on this link to read the full interview.

December 15, 2018

Hello dear friends. 

Maybe you've noticed--I don't have a blog on my site. I might start one at some time in the future, but for now, this NEWS page will have to do the job. I've wrestled with the idea of posting the following (very) personal story ever since "Remembering First Love" came out in paperback and began to do well on Amazon. I finally gave in, believing it might help you to know a little bit of my background and how it influenced the storyline of "Remembering  First Love".

I hope you will take a few minutes out of your busy day to read the post below. "An Uncomfortable Subject" is a part of my story.

Grace and Peace, 





   At first, I didn't believe it was happening. Was Daniel really pointing a shotgun at my sister and me? I can remember my heart stopping just before it began racing. I can remember icy drops of sweat forming on my forehead as fight or flight adrenaline kicked in~but there was nowhere to run ... nowhere to hide. We fell to the ground, pleading with him to put down the gun, clinging to each other for hours as he ranted and raved, hoping the drugs and alcohol he was high on would wear off. At the time, my sister and I didn't have a mustard seed of faith between us. We didn't know God. We didn't know how to pray. But we prayed. We held each other's hands and we prayed as if God were right there in the room with us. And God was there. He heard and answered our prayer. He saved our lives.

   That was the last night I ever spent with Daniel. After several hours of sheer hell, he took me into the room I had been sharing with him for the past two years, laying the shotgun at the edge of the bed, still promising to take my life if I ever threatened to leave him again. When he finally fell asleep, I ran. I escaped with my life, and I never returned. Thankfully, my personal story of domestic violence didn't end with death. It ended with hope. Hope for a new life and a new future. The end of my relationship with Daniel was the end of my part in the cycle of physical and mental abuse I had been caught up in from the time of my early teens.

   Domestic violence is not an easy subject to speak or hear about, to write or read about. When we imagine the pain the abused person has endured it makes our skin crawl; our torn emotions look for a place of solace and our minds plead for thoughts we are more comfortable thinking. It wasn't easy for me to return to the memories I had forced myself to forget over the years, but I returned for the sake of the story inside of me, the story I needed to write. 

   "Remembering First Love" is my first published novel. The story of my main character, Carina Rivera, isn't my story being retold, but it is a story I can relate to. As a survivor of domestic violence, I know Carina's character. I know how she feels, how she thinks ... how she hides her pain.

    When I wrote "Remembering First Love" I wrote it for those who have and those who have not experienced the trauma of domestic violence. I wrote it to invite my readers to enter Carina's world, to help them to understand what it is like to be caught up in the cycle of abuse, and I wrote it to offer hope to the readers who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence.

    My prayer is that the words in my book will reveal a clear picture of God's relentless love, and the way God pursues His children, reaching out to them, calling to them, wanting them to discover the life they are meant to live. A life of personally knowing their Creator--the God who knows and loves them. The God who accepts them and has set them free to become the people He has designed them to be.


   If you are a victim of domestic violence, there is hope and help for you.


The National Domestic Violence Hot Line 1-800-799-7233 . 1-800-787-3224 | TTY | En Espanol.


Contact me anytime.



Click here to connect with me.







November 26, 2018


Hello dear friends,

I finally set up my Amazon Author account , Goodreads Author account , and

Bookbub Author account. Click on the links if you would like to visit or follow me on either of these sights. Hope to see you there.

God bless all of you.

Grace and Peace,




November 22, 2018


Hello dear friends,

I'm thankful for the encouraging notes I have received from 

many of you.  Lots of you asked when "Remembering First Love"

would be available in PAPERBACK. I'm super glad to tell you--my book is now available in paperback on Amazon. 



God bless all of you.

Grace and Peace,









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