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Remembering  First  Love
Book 1- The Rivera Sisters Series

Carina Rivera is tired of struggling with painful memories.

Abandoned by her father as a baby and molested as a child by a neighbor man, she's been dealing with pain for as long as she can remember.

Carina sets out to return to her childhood relationship with God, determined to leave the darkness of her troubled past and the bad reputation her own mistakes have earned her. But when she's suddenly thrust into the position of her family's sole breadwinner, Carina comes face to face with the kind of temptation she's not sure she has the strength to resist—her handsome supervisor, Aaron Mendoza.
Dark. Forbidden. Carina knows she needs to stay away ... 
But Aaron is calling to hidden desires within Carina, luring her down a dangerous path that leads to his web of seduction.

Will Carina allow the shadows of her past to creep into her present and darken her future?

Can she escape from the trap set for her by the evil dwelling within Aaron?  







What About Love? 

Book 2-The Rivera Sisters Series 


 *SPOILER ALERT* After escaping her nightmarish marriage to Aaron Mendoza, Carina is looking forward to starting a new life, living with her sister, Amelia in Killeen, Texas.

When she’s reunited with Mark Preston, the gorgeous single father she met at the Miami airport the night she left Aaron, she

knows it's not happenstance. She knows in her heart he’s the good and godly man she always hoped she would find.

But Carina's divorce attorney has other plans.                                           

Handsome Eric Martinez persuades Carina to abstain from dating until her 6-month Texas residency requirement is established, putting an end to her blossoming relationship with Mark.

Eric has his own private reasons for keeping Mark and Carina apart—she’s reignited the fiery passion that once burned in his soul. He wants Carina for himself and he won't allow anyone - especially Mark - to quench the flames.

But Mark is willing to wait for Carina


When Mark discovers the shocking secrets, Eric has been hiding from Carina, he reveals the truth about Eric to her.

But is it too late?

Has Carina already been captivated by Eric’s allure?

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With Unbreakable Love


Book 3  -  The Rivera Sisters Series



Carina Rivera has everything going for her—her fiancé, Mark is her perfect complement and ideal partner, and her love for his baby, ReeRee has helped her through the pain of losing her own daughter.

But on the night before her wedding, Carina becomes paralyzed with self-doubt. Is she ready to say her vows or is there something lurking inside her that doesn't belong in her marriage with a good and godly man like Mark? Is the bad Rivera sister—the woman she'd been before she knew Mark, hiding somewhere deep inside her soul? Is there still a part of her that longs for her ex-husband, Aaron Mendoza, the man whose abuse had almost destroyed her life?

When Carina asks God to prove to her that the bad Rivera sister is finally gone, she has no idea that God is about to answer her prayer in an unexpected way. Will the earth-shattering events that are about to take place shake her faith, or will they help Carina become the woman she's always wanted to be?

 "With Unbreakable Love" is the exciting conclusion to Volume 1 of The Rivera Sisters Series - *Carina Rivera-From Victim to Victory.  Easily able to stand alone, this full-length novel blends thriller and inspirational elements with romance and suspense to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. 

*Carina Rivera—From Victim to Victory is the 1st trilogy in the Rivera Sisters Series.


   The Rivera Sisters Series Boxset

Breathtaking Romance, Tear-provoking Tragedy,                         Nail-biting Suspense___________

Only 10 months apart and often mistaken for twins, Amelia and Carina Rivera are well-known in the tight-knit Cuban community of Hialeah, Florida as the Rivera sisters.

In the first three books of this emotionally riveting saga, journey with the younger sister, Carina (known within their community as the bad Rivera sister) as she attempts to step out of the darkness of her troubled past into the light of the bright future she's always hoped for.
Dare to dream again with Carina as she overcomes the tragic scars she has lived with as a victim of childhood molestation. Rejoice with Carina as she moves from victim to victory in this dynamic, faith-inspired series.


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